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SCHEINWORKS FDM 1.18.38 - Update

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new update for your Scheinworks measurement technology.

This update provides you with additional features for your treadmill or your pressure measuring plate. All new: marker tracking! The markers can be placed on the patient with a few easy steps, and the software automatically calculates the joint mobility of the hips, knees and ankles. A few changes were also made to the software to make the analyses more professional while keeping them easy to use.

The update is free for you if you already have a Scheinworks FDM Version! Please contact us if you have any questions. We will gladly provide you with more detailed information as part of a personal meeting.

Scheinworks Measurement technology with two brand-new models

We now have two new models in our product range.

The two treadmills by the company Kettler, the TLK3 and TSL70, are equipped with the well-known integrated pressure measuring plate.

Advantages of the new TLK3 treadmill:

  • ready for use in a few easy steps
  • saves a great deal of space thanks to foldable profile
  • robust pressure measurement technology
  • simple and fast data input via USB interface
  • Gait analysis possible with and without shoes
  • combinable with SyncLightCam for synchronous video recording
Advantages of the new TSL70 treadmill:
  • stable treadmill that runs extremely quietly and max. speed of 20 km/h
  • very large sensor area
  • two different plate sizes
  • Sensor matrix with individually calibrated, capacitive pressure sensors
  • intuitive, modular software suite FDM with in-depth evaluation report
  • optionally combinable with EMG and video

Thinner, faster, mobile - the new generation of pressure measurement plates

We now offer a new generation of our pressure measurement plates. Thanks to their low construction height, high measurement rate and mobile use, they open up new possibilities in stance, roll and gait analysis.

The most important information at a glance:

  • Different models: PDM-XS, PDM-S and PDM-L with a low construction height of 15 mm
  • Available as standard or mobile versions, cordless with battery and Bluetooth
  • High measurement rate of up to 200 Hz as standard in the PDM-S and PDM-XS
  • Completely wireless synchronisation of two PDM-L platforms possible through integrated synchronisation
  • Synchronisation with SyncCam and SyncLightCam possible

You can find these and other new developments, such as a new treadmill in the OT-REHA area, in our new brochure.

Download brochure

New functions and design aids

Designing personalised individual versions of our NovaPED exclusive flip-flops via our SCHEINWORKS construction design programme is becoming ever more popular. Now, to offer you and your customers even more individuality in future, we've decided to expand the SCHEINWORKS construction programme. From now on we're offering you two design areas for NovaPED exclusive:

1. NovaPED exclusive measure:
• design of an individual, comfortable wellness footbed
• moderately adjustable design elements while design process remains unaltered
• available as a construction kit or finished model offered in three widths

2. NovaPED exclusive kit:
• design of an individual footbed
• unaltered design process with option of incorporating orthopaedic elements
• only available as a construction kit

Details of the strap width and illustration of the design have been added to the combination. Feel free to take a look at:

New elements and construction aids

Our free web-based construction programm offers the possibility to construct and configure personalized insoles and thong sandals.
This year, SCHEINWORKS construction is already celebrating its second anniversary. During this time, we have been continually developing and expanding our software. For example, we have revised existing elements, supplemented new construction elements, and integrated additional construction aids.

OrthoSense - 3D back scanner with iPad control system

The OrthoSense back scanner enables you to conduct a comprehensive pain analysis for your patient. The intuitive operation via its own, specially developed app is unique, and controlled via the iPad included with the system. This allows you increased freedom of movement and simpler treatment.

The OrthoSense 3D scanner enables you to document various symptoms and their causes precisely and easily. Some such symptoms include: shoulder rotations, shoulder elevation and misalignment of the pelvis.

The software offers you four different live views, and the pain recording protocol leads you through the different therapeutic steps. Placing the points of pain is done in accordance with a simple principle. The integrated reporting function allows you to record details of every examination and to send them as a PDF via email using the app. You can decide which information is included in the report.

Download brochure

New functions and construction aids

Based on a JPG file in the form of a foot scan, a foot pressure measurement, a scanned blue print or foot impression foam, you can design NovaPED active custom insoles and customised NovaPED exclusive thong sandals in a completely web-based manner.

As part of OTWorld in Leipzig, new functions and construction aids of the software were presented. The bases for NovaPED active can vary in their strength and notches, for example for a heel spur, can also be constructed. Construction was simplified due to such factors as the opportunity to use a screen with an indication of the measurements. In addition, an automated smoothing function for a smoother surface was integrated.

SCHEINWORKS construction

A new CAD system for individual shaped insole construction.

In combination with our shaping service, the computer-aided construction of insoles offers you a wealth of benefits:

Cost savings - time savings - services

You don't have to pay any investment costs or licence fees. The system is completely web-based and therefore no updates are necessary. You can use manufacturer-independent JPG data (scanned and printed measurements) as a basis for your designs.
The system is characterised by user-friendly processes, simple designs and easy reproducibility.

Stance Analysis, Gait Analysis, Running Analysis and Foot scan – three systems, one software

The SCHEINWORKS System allows using several measuring systems with only a single software. The core of the analysis is the treadmill with integrated pressure measuring plate. In combination with the optional synchronised SCHEINWORKS cameras, motion analysis can also be performed visually. The SCHEINWORKS DigiPED foot scanner, which can also be used as an individual measuring unit, complements the analysis. Whichever measuring and analysis systems you choose, we offer additionally large screens and computer with software installation.

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