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Gait training

SCHEINWORKS gait training is a system which is based on the SCHEINWORKS gait analysis and is designed for training neurological or orthopaedic gait defects. The repeated comparative gait analysis serves as a measurement of results.

Gait training module

Gait parameters such as step length, step width and foot angle can be taken from the gait analysis and corrected individually depending on the therapy objective. The corrected steps (or the successive corrected steps) are projected onto the running surface with the aid of a projector so that patients can attempt to match them with their own steps.

Virtual training module

The “Virtual training” module provides training for concentration and automation of the gait whilst walking. This takes place using a virtual running environment in which various tasks have to be fulfilled and which also requires continuous variation of the steps. Training can be individually adapted to the patient thanks to an option for selecting various levels.

You can design your own training levels with the aid of the optional editor.

The BASIC treadmill is not suitable for the “Virtual training” module.

We recommend a monitor with a screen size of at least 40" when using this module. It is also possible to use an LED projector.

Gait Training module (step projection)
for REHABILITATION treadmills
Item no. 032136-040
Virtual Training module (Forest walk) Item no. 032135-000
Virtual Training editor (Forest walk) Item no. 032135-001